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Online Leads A Key Towards Business Development For Small Business Owners

Weather your business is a brick and mortar physical business or an online venture, you need to harness more customer leads online to thrive. Not every method for generating new customer leads online will work for everyone, as when it comes to lead generation, one method does not suit every business. Demographics, delivery methods for getting leads and platforms can all effect the effectiveness in lead generation on a business by business basis.

So how do you determine which method will work for you? By testing several different lead generation methods and campaigns and then weighing which ones yield the most results. You also can make adjustments to any one method, as sometimes it is not the method that is failing but the implementation of the method. We will discuss some methods to generate leads online that are proven to work for millions of online businesses.

1: PPC
PPC or Pay Per Click can be a very cost effective per lead acquisition method of generating new sales leads. This method however requires excellent ad writing skills, as the ads that will be run tend to be light on text, so you need to grab the viewers attention and get them to act now by clicking that link to your squeeze page or sales page. You can run several PPC campaigns at one time and use analytic tools to measure each ones success. By running 3 to 5 campaigns at once you can compare which ones are successful and what ones are not, which will further help your business because you will understand your customers needs better. With PPC targeting Long-tail keyword phrases of 3 words or more can yield higher results due to the highly targeted search terms of the long-tail keyword phrases. Targeting long tail keywords is also often times less expensive and yields less competition than one or two word keyword terms with higher volume. Example of a high volume, high competition keyword would be ” Diet supplements”, while “Cabbage diet supplement” would yield less competition, a reduce price to run the PPC and draw in customers looking for that specific supplement. Google adwords comes to mind for great PPC, as it is the most used search engine worldwide.

2: SEO
Organic search engine based traffic is critical for generating sales leads, the people who come to your sales page based off of a keyword as a call to action are more likely to buy your product or service. The key is using keywords that indicate to the surfer that they solve someones problems or that a solution to said problem is at hand by clicking the link. Optimizing your on site content to highlight the solutions you offer via keywords and long-tail keywords, along with great content and link building will help to gain organic search traffic.

3: Customer referrals
Word of mouth and customer referrals are a great method to gain new leads. Some of the most successful companies offer a refer a friend program or some sort of bonus to refer a friend. The key is to help motivate your customers to talk about your business. If you have a website, and you should have one, try to make some interactive content like polls, contests or even simply activating comments on certain parts of the website. Social media is highly interactive and can lead to passive and active customer referrals. Passive when someone likes your page, active when a existing customer mentions your business on social media to another person or group. Social media can even be combined with PPC.

4: Content
Great content that helps people understand or solve a problem, or addresses a need yet reads well is one great method to generate leads. The secret about great content is when you have great content, it gets shared and linked to, in effect creating a minor passive “viral effect”. Educational or informative content can convert potential customers on the fence into actual buyers. The key is to not hard sell in your content, by winning readers trust you then earn their business.

5: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

All three of these are great tools to promote yourself and your business. Facebook generates exposure, Twitter especially with clever hashtags can promote your products and or services, and LinkedIn traffic has a higher conversion rate if done right, at a lead conversion rate of 2.74 percent on average.

There are many more methods, to much to cover in this article alone. If generating leads online sounds like it can be a lot of work, that is because it is a lot of work. Lead generation companies can help your company by managing your SEO, Google Adwords, local business directories, and lead generation campaigns. These professionals do lead generation for a living and are extremely good at what they do, if you find a reputable company to work with. As with SEO stay away from lead generation firms based out of India.