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Google is now expanding local inventory ads to tablets and other mobile devices in an effort to drive a greater share of mobile searches for products directly to Google shopping this holiday season and beyond into 2015. Mobile search volume has increased in record numbers thanks in large part to lower costs for volume data plans and unlimited data plans from many providers. Compared to last year shopping searches from smartphones have increased 3.5 times according to Google. Already marketers are feeling these effects as Google has already sent more mobile traffic than it has even during the first week of December last year. This growth is expected to climb even further according to Google.

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Specific product searches are now yielding more in-depth product information for shoppers using smart phones and tablets. Online marketers need to stay well informed of these changes with Google in order to have their products and services stay prominent in Google shopping. Mobile text ads for specific products may see less traffic and conversions if this new format from Google takes off. Google is making it easier for shoppers to find relevant information and images on mobile devices this Holiday season. Images play a key role in product searching according to Google, which is paying special attention to images via search this year. Google has even unveiled a 360 degree image view on search for select products, allowing end users to get a 360 degree view of products they are considering purchasing.

To help consumers who are surfing on mobile devices who are hungry for rich and detailed information about the products they are considering purchasing, Google is now showing expandable product cards that include information such as reviews and details about said products or services. For example if you search for “Avast Wine Cooler” search results will show an image of the product along with a list of merchants who carry this product, both online and locally. The information will also include very detailed information on the product, as well as product reviews from actual customers. Google has excelled in snooping out fake reviews and has been known to punish websites that list fake user reviews. The added information can be found easily by customers via an arrow underneath the product in search called ” show more”. Clicking this arrow will lead customers to the detailed information. Now more than ever it pays to add all the fine details to your product listings. The marketers who put as much information as possible in their listings will see higher conversion rates and increased traffic under this new system by Google. The days of ever so brief and skimpy product details are over with. Experts predict that Google will add more features to search such as price fluctuations on a daily basis in an effort to deliver the end user the most up to date information available. Google is all about providing customers needs and wants and smart marketers will pay attention to this and customize their webpages and listings to accommodate this.

Google is also adding Local inventory to mobile search, which is great for those who are targeting search by geo location. Advertisers now have more options when it comes to local search, as they can better promote their local products throughout the entire holiday season. Smart marketers who serve local populations will know and understand that many shoppers put off shopping until it is too late to ship gifts, which gives marketers an edge who customize local searches for this demographic. Google knows each users location and they will and are showing users where they can find any products they searched for nearby locally according to each users actual location at the time of the search. Google is making this available on all mobile devices, over the course of the next few weeks the roll out will hit all mobile devices. Mobile devices and geo targeting is game changing for marketers, and now is the time to get on board and develop your mobile marketing strategy if you have not done so yet, guaranteed many of your competitors already have very refined campaigns ongoing. Simply put to stay on top you have to be fully in the game and that includes mobile search tactics and campaigns.

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